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Our world has become a brutal place. It seems that everywhere you look, violence is at an all time high. Home invasion robberies, ambushes on Patrol and SWAT officers and improvised explosive devices in every theater. What have we let this world become? Who will save us now? YOU will! At SIS CA, our focus is on Survival of the Fittest. Whether on the beat, in a steaming jungle or in your own home, he who has the skill set wins!
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Our Values;

Clients are our mission. We take great honor in meeting or exceeding our client’s expectations.

Integrity - All of our employees are held to the highest standards. “Honesty in everything we do”.

Teamwork - Every employee is focused on the goal of taking care of our clients and customers. There is no competition amongst our employees.

Continuous development - Personal development leads to growth in under- standing and ultimately benefits our clients. Personal development is encouraged at every opportunity.

Communication - Effective communication leads to growth and understanding.
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