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SIS California seeks to provide the best Professional training possible to Military Forces and Law Enforcement. It is our duty and responsibility to train our Country’s forces to the best of our ability.
  • Over a century of combined knowledge in Asymmetric Warfare
  • All instructor have an Operational background in Military Special Operations or Law Enforcement SWAT
  • All instructors are cross-trained in multiple disciplines
General Training Topics
Hostage Rescue Operations Tactical Medicine
Small unit tactics Executive Protection
Tactical Marksmanship Personal Security Detail
Sniper/Counter-Sniper Driving
Non-Permissive Building Clearance (Close Quarter Combat)
Marksmanship Training
Additional Services:
Petroleum Industry Security
Protective Details/Dignitary Protection
Site Security
Sensor Systems (Industrial)
Threat Assessments
High Threat Security
Deployable Assets (OCONUS)
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